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    Effective January 1, 2017 – UITS will no longer order headsets and conference phones for the university community. We encourage you to order them directly to save time and money.

    •Purchasing has a contract page that departments can check out. The contract for telephone equipment & supplies is listed here. If there are any questions specific to pricing, please reach out to Stacee Fournier in Purchasing at 860-486-7931. Purchasing-contracts

    •Other vendors can be found through the Kuali Shop Catalogs.

    •Reminder for those buying conference phones: Be sure to have an “active” analog line to use the conference phone.

    If you need to use an ISDN phone (multi-button set), you may need to purchase an adapter depending on the type of conference phone you order.
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    Polycom conference phones are analog phones and require a Konexx Konference Adapter to work with a digital ISDN (multi-line) phone.
  • Price: $202.40 Quantity:
    Extension microphone for Polycom EP1-A-2200-16200-001, Expandable SoundStation-2 w/Display.