Conference Phones

Effective January 1, 2017 – UITS will no longer order headsets and conference phones for the university community. We encourage you to order them directly to save time and money.

  • Purchasing has a contract page that departments can check out. The contract for telephone equipment & supplies is listed here. If there are any questions specific to pricing, please reach out to Stacee Fournier in Purchasing at 860-486-7931.
  • Other vendors can be found through the Kuali Shop Catalogs.
  • Reminder for those buying conference phones:
    • Be sure to have an “active” analog line to use the conference phone.
    • If you need to use an ISDN phone (multi-button set), you may need to purchase an adapter depending on the type of conference phone you order.

    Below are examples of conference phones that customers have ordered in the past, and the average costs. Please note that vendors’ actual selections and pricing may vary.


    Polycom Speaker Phones

    Polycom SoundStation-2W


    Soundstation-2W, $572.00
    DECT 6.0, Wireless



    Polycom SoundStation-2


    SoundStation-2, $362.45
    Non-expandable (basic, no display)



    Polycom SoundStation-2, Non-Expandable with Display


    SoundStation-2, $431.75
    Non-expandable with Display



    Polycom SoundStation-2, Expandable with Display


    SoundStation-2 EX, $500.46
    Expandable with Display

    External microphones sold separately


    Polycom Accessories

    Extension Microphone Kit


    Extension Microphone Kit,  $204.60

    External microphones for SoundStation-2, EP1-A-2200-16200-001




    Power Supply for SoundStation-2

    Power Supply Module, $147.95

    Replacement power supply for SoundStation-2:

    • EP1-A-2200-15100-001
    • EP1-A-2200-16000-001
    • EP1-A-2200-16200-001


    Replacement Power Supply for SoundStation-2W


    SS2W 110V Power Supply, $27.50

    Replacement power supply for SoundStation-2W, EP1-A-2200-07880-160



    Konexx Konference AdapterPolycom Konexx Konference Adapter, $96.80

    A phone adapter is required if connecting a Polycom phone to an ISDN telephone set instead of installing or using a dedicated analog line.

    Installation Diagram