Telephone Equipment and Services

Permanent Budget Reallocation (Funding Model Changes)


As of July 1, 2010, the University of Connecticut changed its funding model for telephone equipment and services. Standard telephone equipment and related services, as listed in the Standard Equipment and Services section of this document, are now classified as basic infrastructure costs. This fundamental change requires that business processes are modified to align with the new budget and accounting principles of the funding model. This process will provide the means for departments to order any combination of standard and/or non-standard telephone equipment and related services ensuring that charges are mapped to appropriate ledger accounts. These changes apply to equipment and services that are recorded in 2 ledger accounts.


The purpose of this document is to describe the new business processes. The new business processes are designed to capture and classify telephone equipment and related service charges, mapping them to the appropriate ledger accounts.

Effective Date

These changes apply to all telephone equipment and service requests received on or after 01-Jul-2010.

Equipment Policy

Only UITS provided telephones may be connected to the University infrastructure. Customer provided telephone sets that were installed on the university infrastructure prior to 01-Jul-2010 are exempt from this mandate.

Permanent Reallocation of Budget

Funding allocated for standard telephone equipment and services has been permanently transferred from the department to UITS. This will provide for ongoing and permanent support of telephone services. This reallocation is based on actual expenditure data from FY 08, determined to be the most representative of basic service costs. The Budget Office will remove from the appropriate KFS accounts the funds expended in FY 08 for the appropriate monthly recurring charge for each unit. The total amount of these dollars will be transferred directly to UITS. After the one-time reallocation of permanent funding, each subsequent addition/upgrade of service will require permanent reallocation of budget to UITS for future costs associated with the new service.

Budget Reallocation Mechanism

Permanent reallocation of budget to UITS will be advanced through the successful submission of a Permanent Budget A-1 form to the Budget Office. The submitting department must have sufficient available approved funding to support the permanent transfer. UITS will initiate the A-1 transaction on behalf of the department.

Impact to you

September, departments received their first invoices reflecting funding model changes including July and August. To be conscientious of the environment and reduce waste, UITS will now be providing bills electronically.

Department Delegates

Access to the e-bill system requires department delegate privileges, which may be requested through the UITS Help Desk at 486.4357. Select the option for Telecom Billing to speak with a Service Specialist.

Once access is granted, log in with your NetID and password to the UITS Billing and Services Application.


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