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Unity Messaging Voicemail – Storrs Campus

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The Storrs campus transitioned to a new voicemail system April 16-17, 2016.

The old voicemail system was past end-of-life. The replacement Cisco Unity voicemail system is a contemporary system that will deliver the functionality our community expects and can be enhanced with newer features.

If you have not set up your new mailbox you can set it up using the instructions below. If you have any questions or problems, please review the information on this page, and the pages accessible from the buttons above. For additional assistance, contact UITS Voice Services at 860-486-4357, option 3.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

    When you first access voicemail, you will be asked to initialize your mailbox (“enrollment”). Pre-recorded prompts will guide you through the enrollment process, which includes recording your full name, recording a greeting, and changing the default password (PIN) to a PIN of your choice. The default PIN is 147258. This PIN will remain in effect until you have completed the initialization process and your mailbox is ready for use.

      1. Dial the voicemail access number, 6-5555.
      2. When prompted, enter your temporary PIN (formerly called a password), 147258, followed by the # key.
        • If you hear the main system greeting instead of being prompted for a PIN:
          • Press the # key.
          • The system prompts you to enter your ID, which is your 10-digit phone number, followed by the # key.
          • Then enter your temporary PIN, 147258, followed by the # key.
      3. Follow the prompts to complete the “enrollment” process:
        1. Record your name (please say your first and last name)
        2. Record your greeting
          • You may choose the standard greeting that plays your recorded name,
          • Or, you may record your own personal greeting
        3. Set your PIN
          • Your PIN must be at least 6 digits long
          • PINs that contain repetitive or consecutive numbers, or parts of your phone number, will be rejected as trivial PINs
            • If the system says your PIN is “invalid”, please try a different combination with more unique numbers
            • More detailed information about trivial PINS is available on our Unity PIN page.
          • PINs do not expire, but you can manually change your PIN at any time.

Using Voicemail

Accessing VoiceMail

From your office phone:

      1. Dial the voicemail access number
        • 6-5555
      2. Enter your PIN followed by the # key when prompted.
        • Press 1 to listen to new messages.
        • Press 2 to send a message.
        • Press 3 to review old messages.
        • Press 4 to access Setup options.

While out of the office:

      1. Dial the voicemail access number
        • 860-486-5555
      2. When voicemail answers, press * key.
        • The system does not prompt you to press the * key, but you must press it to access your mailbox.
      3. Enter your mailbox ID, which is your 10-digit phone number, followed by the # key.
      4. Enter your PIN followed by the # key.

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Recording Greetings

During enrollment, you record an initial greeting. To change the saved greeting:

      • Access your own mailbox.
      • Press 4 for Setup options.
      • Press 1 for Greetings.
      • Press 1 to change greetings.

If you are going to be on vacation or out of the office for any reason, you can record an alternate greeting. The alternate greeting lets callers know that you are out of the office and can offer them other options for assistance until you return, such as someone else’s extension or email. You can set the alternate greeting to expire on a certain date at a certain time, and it will automatically revert to your standard greeting. You may also choose not to set an expiration and switch back to the standard greeting manually.

To record an alternate greeting:

      • Access your own mailbox.
      • Press 4 for Setup options.
      • Press 1 for Greetings.
      • Press 3 to Edit Other greetings.
      • Press 3 to change your alternate greeting.

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Recording Your Name

During enrollment, you record your name. To change the saved recording:

      • Access your own mailbox.
      • Press 4 for Setup options.
      • Press 3 for Preferences.
      • Press 2 to change name.

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Changing Your PIN

During enrollment, you set a PIN for your mailbox. To change your PIN:

      • Access your own mailbox.
      • Press 4 for Setup options.
      • Press 3 for Preferences.
      • Press 1 to change PIN.

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Menu Commands

Main Menu and Shortcuts

To… Press…
Play new messages 1
Send a message 2
Review old messages 3
Change setup options 4
Change greetings 4 – 1
Turn alternate greeting on/off 4 – 1 – 2
Change message notification 4 – 2 – 1
Choose full or brief menus 4 – 2 – 3
Private (distribution) lists 4 – 2 – 4
Exit *
Help 0

While Listening to a Message

To… Press…
Rewind message 1
Repeat message 1 – 1
Pause/Resume 2
Fast-forward 3
Slow playback 4
Message properties 5
Fast playback 6
Lower volume 7
Raise volume 9
Cancel *
Skip message #

After Listening to a Message

To… Press…
Skip back 1
Replay 4
Message properties 5
Forward 6
Delete 7
Reply 8
Reply to all 8 – 2
Save message (as heard) 9
Skip message #

Send Message Menu

To… Press…
Mark urgent 1
Request return receipt 2
Mark private 3
Set future delivery 4
Review recording 5
Re-record message 6
Add to the message 7
Send the message #

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Recovering Deleted Messages

Voicemail messages are saved in the system for 1 day after you delete them. If you accidentally delete a voicemail, you can go into your deleted messages for up to 1 day to retrieve it.
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