Instructions for Polycom Speakerphone “Star Phone”

For further assistance, contact Telecommunications at (860) 486-4357 or

Important: This phone must only be plugged into an analog line. Never plug it into an ISDN jack.

General Use

  1. Place Polycom in the center of the table, away from papers and other objects.
  2. Plug power unit into an electrical outlet. Plug the short cable into an “active” ANALOG (single line) jack. Plug the long cable into the bottom of the Polycom set.
  3. To place a call, press the ON/OFF switch, wait for dial tone, and then dial the number. Remember to dial 8 for off-campus, and 1 for long distance.
    Use the VOL -/+ button to adjust the speaker volume.

Three Way Calling

  1. Dial first party.
  2. Press FLASH, and dial second party and announce call.
  3. Press FLASH again to connect all parties.
  4. Note:
    • Two party conversation can resume when any party hangs up.
    • You can activate a 3-way call while already on a call by following the same procedure.

Six Way Calling

  1. Dial 112, then call first party.
  2. Press FLASH, and dial second party.
  3. Press FLASH again to join parties. Continue pressing FLASH to add additional parties. You may also activate this feature while already on a call by pressing FLASH, dialing 112, and then continuing as above.


  • Mute
    • Pressing MUTE allows you to hear your caller, but the caller can’t hear you. Press MUTE again to return to normal conversation.
  • Flash
    • Used for system feature access, similar to a recall button.
  • Ringer Volume
    • HI, LO, OFF settings. (On the bottom of the set)