Unity Voicemail FAQ

What is my ID?

Your voicemail ID is your 10-digit phone number.

What is the password (PIN) for the voicemail system?

The default password, now referred to as a PIN, for your voicemail is 147258. You will be forced to change it when you set up your mailbox.
Unity checks for trivial PINs. Please refer to our Unity PIN page for more details.

Is there access to the “old” Hartford voicemail?

The voicemail boxes on the old Hartford phone numbers (860-570-9xxx) should be available for a few months.

You may continue to call Frontier's access numbers, 860-947-1191 or 944-994-4993, and enter your old phone number to access the old mailbox.

I can’t login to voicemail. It keeps telling me “Invalid entry.” What’s wrong?

If prompted for a user id, enter your 10-digit phone number, not just 7 digits. If you have not completed the enrollment process yet, you must use the default temporary PIN, 147258, until you have set a personal PIN.

How do I access my voicemail from off-campus?

Dial 860-486-5555 or 959-200-3555

  • When voicemail answers, press the * key.
  • Enter your 10-digit mailbox ID, which is your extension, followed by the # key.
  • Enter your password (PIN) followed by the # key.

Can I record an alternate greeting if I’ll be out of the office?

You may record an alternate greeting activate if you are going to be on vacation or out of the office for any reason. The alternate greeting on your voicemail lets callers know that you are out of the office and can offer them other options for assistance (someone else’s extension or e-mail, for example) until you return. You can set the alternate greeting to expire on a certain date at a certain time, and it will automatically revert to your standard greeting. You may also choose not to set an expiration and switch back to the standard greeting manually.

Like standard greetings, alternate greetings are retained for future use.  If your alternate greeting is generic enough (“I am currently out of the office…”) you can simply activate the alternate greeting when needed.  If you record specific dates or information, you will need to both record a new alternate greeting and activate it.

Can I retrieve a deleted message?

Voicemail is saved in the system for 1 day after you delete it. If you accidentally delete a voicemail, you can go into your deleted messages for up to 1 day to retrieve it.

How long are deleted voicemail messages retained?

Deleted messages are saved in the system for up to 1 day after deletion.

How many messages can I save in my mailbox and for how long?

The total capacity of your mailbox is 40 minutes. The number of messages will vary with the length of the messages.
Messages are saved for 45 days. The system will warn you when a message is reaching 45 days.
You may receive an email from the Unity system warning you that a message is going to be deleted in a few days. If you need to save the message longer, listen to the message and press 9 to save it again.

How can I transfer a call directly to someone’s voicemail?

  1. Press the Transfer button (ISDN sets), or the Recall button or Switchhook (single line sets).
  2. Dial 6-9559.
  3. When Unity answers, enter the 5-digit extension you’re transferring to.
  4. Immediately press the Transfer button again (ISDN sets) or hang up (single line sets).

Can I skip someone’s voicemail greeting and go directly to leaving a message?

Yes, simply press the # key when the voicemail greeting starts playing, and the beep to leave a message will sound immediately.

How do I reset my new voicemail PIN (password)?

  1. Call the voicemail access number, 6-5555
  2. Enter the temporary PIN (password)
  3. Follow the prompts to change your PIN and record your personalized greeting.
    • Your PIN must be a six- to 13-digit number.
    • Trivial passwords that contain repetitive or consecutive numbers, or part of your phone number, will not be allowed.
      • More detailed information about trivial PINS is available on our Unity PIN page.
    • Note: Three incorrect PIN entries will disable your mailbox for 30 minutes.

What if I forget my voicemail PIN?

If you forget your voicemail PIN, please contact the Help Center at 860-486-4357.

How do I know when I receive messages?

The message waiting light on your phone will turn on.  If your phone doesn’t have a message light, when you lift your handset you will hear a stutter dial tone (short, quick tones).

How will I know if my mailbox is almost full?

You will hear a warning threshold that your mailbox is getting full. Remember, you can always delete messages that you have heard.